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Compliance And Change

SuperUser Account posted on September 01, 2011

By Lee Conrad

September 1, 2011



Compliance is the new black—it's fashionable and über-ubiquitous. And it's the focus of Bank Investment Consultant this month. The major compliance issue of the day, obviously, is the saga of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which we chronicle once again in "Outlook." But for our cover story, we focused on the lesser-known aspects of Dodd-Frank that affect community banks.

Those smaller banks feel as if they're guilty by association. That is, unfairly lumped in with the larger banks and shouldering too much of the burden from the new rules. But some good came of Dodd-Frank too. Freelance writer Michelle Lodge details it all in the "The Good, The Bad and the Uncertain."

That's followed by a secondary feature, written in a case study format, by industry recruiter Rick Rummage. He takes on overbearing compliance officers at bank programs, saying the headaches are driving some bank brokers out of the channel. And he doesn't stay hypothetical. He names names. His real-life examples drive the point home.

The most interesting aspects of this issue, though, highlight demographic trends that you would be well advised to watch. First, our top FrontLines story, "Clients Desperately Seeking Safety," details the current reactions of investors. (Spoiler alert: They're scared.) And the youngest, Gen Y, which should be able to ride out a bear market, are the most safety conscious, with 30% of their portfolios in cash. After that, check out "Generation Jones." It delves into the bipolar personality of the baby boomer generation. In a nutshell, the older ones who were going to save the world are about to retire and are setting the agenda. But in their shadow are the younger ones in their late forties who inherited a world tired of change. And guess what? They have very different financial needs.