The Rummage Group

The Rummage Group is a Unique, nationally recognized Career Consulting firm specializing in the Financial Industry. We are The “Sports Agents” ®For Financial Advisors and we help them find the most fitting firm to meet their long-term business plans, and unique goals.  We have spent over 8,000 hours researching over 1,200 Financial Services companies.  The Rummage Group was founded and is run by Rick Rummage a 20 year veteran of the Financial Industry.

When a Financial Advisor decides to research employment options and wants unbiased advice, The Rummage Group is the “one stop shop” to help them.

The Rummage Group is a trusted partner and maintains 100% Confidentiality.


What We Do For Financial Advisors

  • We help Financial Advisors select the right firms by discovering all options (Wire House, Regional, Independent, Plug & Play, RIA, Bank, Boutique, Insurance, Discount & Hybrid).
  • It’s our job to know all the deals on the street - as well as "The Secret Deals".  We help Financial Advisors negotiate top tier deals.
  • We take a consultative approach to Career Coaching – no pressure and all is confidential. 
  • We know the pros and cons of each firm, having done over 8,000 hours of research on over 1,500 firms & 10 different models - Unbiased information.
  • We help advisors interview firms and ask important questions - We have over 60 questions advisors could ask – advisor don’t want negative surprises after they move.
  • We save advisors time and frustration - We have relationships and contacts at most firms - We can get anything answered with a phone call.